The genealogy of the Family Lauret in Holland since approx. 1628.

Our name has had a lot of different spellings. The variations are; Laret, Loret, Louret, Lauwret, Louwret, Lauweret, Louweret and Lauwerette. Sometimes it had the letter "h" added to it (Lauwereth), or a "d" before the "t" (Lauredt).
There are more variations and you can almost choose your own.


In the dropdownmenu on the middle of the page, you can find find names of villages with the name "Lauret" in Heraut, one in Bourgondy and one in Landes France,
or the name of 2 Wine Chateau's with  the name "Chateau de Lauret"
and "Chateau Des Laurets".
Or check out the different variations on the namespelling.

Also known to me is that there are a lot of people with the name Lauret in France. Up to now, I have not been able to link them to my name. There are also a number of families in South America with the name original name of Lauret, but over the years it changed to Laurett. Most of them are descendants of Dutch immigrants, which left Zeeland in the 1700's. and 1800's.
Below is a dropdown menu with information regarding these families.

As far as the families Lauret in the USA and Canada, I'm not sure how I can couple them my original ancestor.


The following information has been acquired over a number of years. There are mistakes to be found, I'm sure. Should you find any mistake, misspelling, error or whatsoever, please let me know.

Also should you have any information that you can't find in any of the pages, you can email it to me rlaure011 @
And with this form you can ask for information which I shall answer as soon as I can.

Should you be interested to have your information added to the name list, I have made a list you can fill out and send to me.

Lauret Information

A lot of info has been handed to me by family, and a lot has been gleaned from archives and other sources. There are letters and numbers next to the “source”. Those are codes I have used as to where I got the information.

As for the "Laurcode", I have given all the persons a letter/number code. Each letter contained can be used to trace back one father at a time. For example; Petrus is the first known Lauret. His son Joannes gets the code -P. The son of Joannes, Petrus, gets the code -PJ while his son Laurentius gets -PJP.
As I had originally started my family from Laurentius (Born: 12-03-*1744), I have started off from the sons of Petrus (-PJP). From that time on there are family with the startingcode of L(Laurentius) and G(Guidonis).

For instance, my code is LPLCHG.
That means son of G(abriel) H(ermanus) C(onstantinus) L(aurens) P(etrus) L
(aurentius), the letters working in a reverse manner. So the closer the similarity to this code, the closer the family tie.
I am sure that there is a better way of numbering, but I get all confused by those numbers.

I also have a lot of Deceased Cards and ads from papers, as well as a lot of photocopies from the original archives. One day I might add those as a link to this document.

All that remain is to wish you, the reader, a lot of luck and success.

Should you like a translation into English of anything in Dutch, please let me know, and I will see what I can do.

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